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Watchers Adaption - Characters

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Feb. 9th, 2008 | 04:46 pm
posted by: jeyhawk in jey_creations

I assigned the roles to my favorite CW men. ;0)


Jared Padalecki – Ex Delta Force who's not so happy with his life as of later. He had a big fall out with his family after he left the army and his father still won't talk to him. Jared suspects it's because he knows the real reason behind Jared's honourable discharge and the money they paid him. Moves away from Texas because he wants a change of scenery.

Jensen Ackles – Expert on animal psychology, behaviour and learning mechanisms. Part of the Francis project, but only tied to the research about Sadie. He doesn't even know anything about the Outsider, even though he suspects there's something there. Has lived his whole life in the shadow of his abusive aunt that dictated his entire life until a couple of years ago when she died.

Chris Kane – NSA agent in charge of the hunt for the Outsider and the dog. Married to his job and not very happy about it.

Chad Murray – Chris's partner.

Steve Carlson – County sheriff and Chris's best friend.

Jeff Morgan – Jensen's lawyer.

Jim Beaver – Vet that Jared and Jensen meets when Sadie gets sick. Lives a solitary life.

Tom Welling – Killer and happy about it.

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